State of the Union

17 Track
CD for
just $7

State of the Union

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Pete expands his singing and songwriting styles
in several directions here. The music features
imaginative story-telling and many excellent
performances by Pete and a number of Texas
musicians who played on these sessions.

Track List:

1. Lizzy in the Dark With an Axe
2. Blood on the Moon
3. A Fool's Errand
4. Andersonville
5. House of the Rising Sun
6. Take Me
7. The Shark
8. Three X's
9. State of the Union
10. Faith
11. Little Miracle
12. Why You Wanna Railroad Me?
13. Slidin'
14. Total Recall
15. Got to Be Strong
16. Livin' in the Poorhouse
17. Love Me to Death

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